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Let's cut to the chase...I'm dedicating this page to offering you a sense of who I am as a real human counselor and what I'm passionate about. For folks who are interested in the fancy resume stuff you can find that at the bottom of this page.

I've wanted to be a therapist since I was in grade school, however all those years of schooling intimidated me. I tried out nursing and it wasn't a great fit. I worked all sorts of weird jobs and did some soul-searching...well A LOT of soul-searching. Before I knew it I was back in school--amazing how different studying is when you're actually interested! My path toward becoming a therapist was a unique one, which has offered me 100% certainty that I was born to do this. The books I read for fun are the same as my professional development books. I love this stuff and I'm always learning more.

You might wonder: Why do I choose to work with issues like emotional neglect and developmental trauma? Frankly, because I've been there. I can offer a genuine kind of support that only a survivor can. I know how these issues can dominate your life, rob you of healthy development and feeling like your best self. I tell you this because it can be profoundly healing knowing your support has worked through a similar struggle. However, no two stories are even close to being the same. Our counseling sessions will prioritize your story and your unique way of healing. As you work through your pain, you can count on my empathy, reliability, and devout belief that you have the ability to move through this.

My story has inspired me to research human development and why people might do the things they do. I love attending workshops, conferences, and trainings geared toward emotional healing and saving the world. My personal experience gives me insight into healing, but my passion for academia and research gives me necessary knowledge and training to offer you informed, competent counseling. I understand both the emotional and intellectual sides of trauma and pain and this makes me darn good at what I do! 

NOT that kind of therapist. Blank stares and awkward silences? No thank you! I'm not your neutral blank stare, nod and "mhmm..." type of therapist. I will take an active approach in our sessions, you'll get to know my real personality. If you're feeling awkward and uncomfortable, you're probably not experiencing the growth you deserve. I've found when clients feel comfortable and at ease they express themselves more honestly and freely. Remember, we're in this together.

Now for the fancy resume stuff. I graduated with my B.A. in Community Psychology from UW, Bothell. I got my Master's of Arts in Community Counseling from Seattle University. Seattle U's program is accredited by CACREP. This may not seem that interesting, but this is a big deal! I am proud to have completed a program that is held to proper accreditation standards. SU's counseling program is the only accredited master's counseling program in Washington. I completed my yearlong graduate internship at Edmonds Community College where I had the honor of working with students of all ages and backgrounds, as well as folks in the community (non-students) who needed free counseling services. 

I am a Nationally Certified Counselor through the Board of National Certified Counselors. I am also a licensed mental health counseling associate (LMHCA). Outside of my counseling practice I enjoy doing workshops and extra training on issues like human attachment & development, deconstructing institutionalized racism, gender oppression, and basic human rights. I also attend community organizing meetings and protests in solidarity with anti-racist movements. Someday I hope to publish articles regarding feminist studies, attachment theory, emotional intelligence and giftedness. I love learning and will never stop!

LMHCA license # MC60696121

My work is to be good company, to allow people to lean for a while on my unshakeable belief in their inner fire.
— Wayne Muller


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