You're starting to notice patterns in your life that are keeping you from feeling happy, authentic, and free. Your fuse is getting shorter and shorter, you're less and less tolerant in relationships, you may not show your true colors in fear that others will judge you, you find yourself getting sucked into drama that feels icky. 

Feeling this way is no fun! You're fed up and rightfully so. Especially if you feel like your support system is lacking. How can we effectively navigate our intricate lives if we're consumed with this stress? Our issues have long, complex stories that can fester and sabotage our wellness. By understanding your issues and how they have interacted with your happiness throughout your life can be the outlet you need to feel balanced and content.

That's where I come in! At my practice I provide individual mental health counseling. I work with adults dealing with past childhood abuse and neglect, sexual trauma, relationship issues and feelings of emptiness and inadequacy. I am here to listen and support as you work through tremendously painful experiences and feelings. With my devout support and your commitment to well-being, we will give a voice to your pain. We will do this together. As your counselor I offer a supportive, straightforward, empowering approach. Through trust, empathy, and commitment I believe you can create true happiness.

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